Windows® 10 IoT Ent. LTSC-2021– Course 30-31/03/23


BEPS' live courses on the Windows Embedded/IoT LTSC platform are back!

Unlike phone and desktop operating systems, embedded systems do not need frequent system updates, but sometimes you have to keep up with new technologies and new features

In this last version LTSC-2021 (the last one on Windows®10), Microsoft has included some significant improvements:

  • Migration from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer Mode
  • Improved Kiosk-mode: Custom shell, Single App Kiosk, Multi App Kiosk
  • Dual Application Focus: 1 PC, 2 screens, 2 set of input devices
  • Soft Real-time - new scenarios for systems involving time-based control loops
  • OS Disk footprint optimization
  • UWF: Swapfile, Read-only-Media Mode, Full Volume Commit (like the EWF on WES7)
  • And more . . .

To catch new opportunities to take advantage of these improvements, you need to keep up to date. By following our courses, you can learn in a short time what would require a considerable effort from institutional sites.

This course is organized over two days to provide all the necessary information and notions:

from the acquisition and installation of the tools, to the creation of the work environment; from the generation and cloning of the system build image, up to the in-depth analysis of the most requested topics for which we have prepared targeted workshops and LABs:

  • Adding system elements directly into the image or at run-time;
  • Adding device drivers of peripheral mounted on the motherboard or on other boards;
  • Languages in addition to that of the main build;
  • FOD (Feature on demand) and other packages not present in the standard build;
  • Proprietary applications with autonomous installation kits.
  • Keyboard filter management at build-time and/or at run-time level;
  • Replacement of the shell with another application differentiated by user;
  • Configuration and use of the disk write filter (UWF): overlay sizing and control, file and registry branch exclusions, HORM, Commit, ROM-Mode, etc.;
  • Embedded features: how and when to use them;
  • Windows updates: how to manage them in the field;
  • The issue of licenses and activations (CLA, ePKEA, PKEA, etc..);
  • System configuration tuning: the most useful policies, Sysprep, DISM and other tools.

This course will be held in Italian and will be provided by me and by other trainers all Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) for this specific topic.

The course Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC-2021 will held:

· March Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st 2023 from 9 AM to 6 PM with one hour of break for lunch (offered by BEPS)

Rate: Full price per person per day: € 600,00/day

Early Bird: (before March 17th 2023) € 500,00/day

(Note: All prices do not include Italian VAT)

When: March 30th /31st 2023

Where: BEPS' Training-Room - Torino (Via Spalato, 68)

For more information write to:


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